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Venbeck operates in three distinctive market segments, food and beverage distribution, wholesale and retail trade. We aim to make it as convenient as possible for you to do business with us. Apart from ordering online you can also simply send your order by mail, fax or by calling our telesales and have your order delivered or ready for collection when you arrive.

Are you a catering service provider?  We can deliver product on your behalf to any accessible location or institution. We have many years’ experience in supplying governmental institution and will gladly assist you in servicing your obligations to supply food or beverage products.


We function as a Hybrid OCCD for Coca-Cola Fortune which allows us to market and deliver a basket of products whilst supplying and distributing all Coca-Cola brands at the same prices you would have purchased at when buying direct from your local Coca-Cola Fortune Depot.

Whether you have a Coca-Cola refrigerator at your place of business or not we can supply you.


We are a distributor for Centurion Automation Systems, the leaders in access automation. 

Not only do we stock a wide range of Centurion parts and products, but we also have a technical desk with specialized testing equipment that can assess, repair or service your Centurion product.

Training is also provided in collaboration with Centurion Automation to assist installers with understanding the latest technology, empowering installers to assist their clients with extracting maximum benefit from Centurion's superior products.

Visit the centurion website to get more information about the product range:


Retailers, resellers and any individual or business can profit from our great prices when buying bulk product. As wholesale is our primary trade we offer very competitive prices direct to you without needing to be part of a buying group and without having a buying card.

We keep our margins on bulk product as low as possible to allow the last in chain supplier to maintain reasonable profit margins.


The Beckatto Deli is a new concept and is currently trading from two outlets, one at the Venbeck Café on Lushof Tzaneen and the other at the Venbeck Superette on the R40 next to the Sellati River outside of Ba-Phalaborwa.


The name is derived from combining the las 4 letters of VENBECK, symbolising the start of Beckatto was not from the beginning but from a time during our existence, and the word ATTO which is a prefix meaning a quintillionth factor, symbolizing a small start.


Beckatto serves customers with delicious pies, rotisserie and crumbed chicken, cooked vegetables, pap, very delicious sweet baked goods, like donuts and apple pie puffs to only mention a few. Be sure to visit the deli for an awakening experience of what fast foods should be.


Our general public sales has increased drastically over the last few years. More and more people are realizing the great savings to be seen when buying directly from us. We invite all members of the public to experience this for themselves.

We don’t have seasonal price increases on essential products such as can be expected at certain chain supermarkets. Although some franchise stores and chain general dealers might beat our prices on certain items during their limited time specials, an overall basket saving can be expected throughout the year when buying from Venbeck.


Apart from our Wholesale business, Venbeck also trades from two retail outlets:


Venbeck Café is a convenience store trading from Lushof Tzaneen and caters to clients looking for a quick and convenient shopping experience while refuelling at the VIVA BECKATTO R71 filling station.


Venbeck Superette trades as a supermarket located on the corner of the R40 and the Mashishimale/Boelang turnoff next to the Sellati River. Venbeck Superette also features a bakery, a Liquor outlet and our very own private petrol station offering quality fuel to our ever increasing customer base.

Both outlets also feauture a Beckatto Deli.

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